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“Do not worry if you have built your castles in the air. They are where they should be. Now put the foundations under them.” – Henry David Thoreau* (Photo taken at Lululemon)

What’s holding you back from committing with 100% energy to your dreams, passions, and goals? For me, I held myself back in a very sneaky way: by over-committing my time. Sound familiar? It seemed I could never turn an opportunity away because they all seemed so exciting! Saying “YES” too often became a big pitfall. As you may already understand, when you have six or seven projects happening simultaneously, they all suffer because you can’t nurture them all as much as is needed. So, I consciously chose to cut down on as many commitments and activities as possible, saving only those that seemed the most valuable and pertinent. This truly has reduced my stress and increased my satisfaction with my life because I am progressing toward my most important goals much faster now. All of the energy I previously scattered among several projects can now focus like a laser beam on the very special projects I’m keeping.

The process hasn’t been easy, and it isn’t without sacrifices. For example, I want to grow an online yoga and nutrition business. I’ve worked on this slowly in the last several months, but I’m unable to develop into something significant without giving it more energy. So I’ve had to make some radical changes, such as cutting back at work. I’ve found myself facing a lot of fear and resistance around this because of fear and a limited mentality, for a lot of reasons. Dietitian jobs can be difficult to acquire and the hours each week can be undependable. My particular circumstances require that I work an awful lot plus commute. This eats up most of my free time (and some of my profits) that I would be investing into a business. I feel frustrated and sad because I’m not working toward fulfilling other dreams that I know will bless countless people if I do what it takes to manifest them. This has taught me how important it is to me to create something I feel passionate about doing.

It requires conviction and confidence to move forward toward my goals, even though I sometimes feel mired in fear and self-doubt. As my teacher Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, what you resist, persists. By resisting, avoiding, or down-playing my unpleasant feelings, I’m not really moving past them. My new practice has become this: look fear in the face and question my stories around it. I’ve also learned to be more mindful of my thoughts and feelings and to challenge my beliefs. I notice how other successful entrepreneurs are following their dreams, and so am consciously building new beliefs with inspiring stories that give me the psychological momentum to propel forward.

What thoughts, feelings, or beliefs are holding you back from committing with courage? Please tell me about them below. Let’s cheer each other on to move forward with courage and strength! Let’s be a community of conscious and loving beings, supporting each other to move toward our highest ideals.

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* Source: Brainyquote.com


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