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Happy New Year, Y’all!

Today’s post is to share with you a screamingly delicious spice blend that has grown into my household’s staple. I love spices because they flavor foods without threatening to leave its mark on your waste and hips. Any calories these spices add to your foods are negligible. What’s more? These spices each offer a dose of preventive medicine. So spice it up!

Use an empty spice container of any size. In equal parts, combine each of the following *ground* spices. Play with the proportions until you make it just right for you.:








Shake until combined. I label mine “Francie’s magic blend”. We use it on hot cereal nearly every morning. It’s also lovely in hot milk or sprinkled on buttered toast. Add chopped dates and figs and a splash of real vanilla to your morning cereal. You’ll probably find you can reduce (or even omit) the amount of additional sweetener you use.

On a personal note, I hope you’ll forgive me for my recent blogging hiatus. I was juggling enough activity for 2-1/2 people to manage, and living out the sore impact that comes with taking on way too much. I’m mostly recovered from the “OMG, I’m Overwhelmed!” hangover. We all know how the story can play out, right? In fact, I’ve just sent off some of the Christmas presents Mike and I never got around to buying (thanks for understanding, Dad, Britt, and all of Mikey’s family).

In the next posts, I promise to tell you about the wonderful health benefits of each of these spices. Each of them deserves some special attention!


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