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Eat foods that closely resemble their form and color when plucked from the dirt, tree, or vine. Think: how did my body evolve to eat food? (this is not a subtle plug for raw food diets, so don’t get excited!) The more processing your  food has undergone, the fewer nutrients are left to help keep your immunity strong. What’s more? Processing often introduces novel proteins & other foods (those that are new and unusual and therefore not known to your body), which increases your exposure to harmful substances. These chemicals are linked to modern chronic diseases, such as diabetes, cancer, arthritis, obesity, malabsorption, food intolerances, digestive disturbances and more. Bleh! That is definitely not sexy!

For all y’all vegetarians out there, take a look at your fake meats, fake cheeses, fake milks, protein supplements. The ingredients are usually NO BUENO, friends. (Full disclosure: I was a vegetarian for 13 years and developed severe food intolerances largely in thanks to those highly processed fake vegetarian foods.)



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I’m running a contest that could radically transform the success you enjoy in your career, your relationships, your health, and essentially, in your life. To enter, visit Francie Yogini on Facebook and tell us what you would ask for if you were granted any three wishes in the world. Recently, I’ve thrown myself heartily into learning from successful mentors and coaches with impressive accomplishments, and I want to share one of the most generous mentors of all whom I’ve found:  Geshe Michael Roach, a former executive in the diamond industry and a long-time Buddhist monk. He’s written many books on achieving business and life excellence. The books, “The Diamond Cutter: The Buddha on Managing Your Business and Your Life” and “Karmic Management” are insightful and focused. The authors (Lama Christie McNally and Michael Gordon co-author Karmic Management) promise to help its readers achieve success in every aspect of your life, including prosperity, satisfying relationships, and physical and mental health. I’m already enjoying more success after putting many of the karmic principles into practice.

On my Facebook page, enter to win a copy of either The Diamond Cutter or Karmic Management in your preferred format (audio or text). To enter, visit Francie Yogini on Facebook and tell us what you would ask for if you were granted any three wishes in the world. Please enter it in this format: “If I were granted three wishes, they would be . . . ” And to start boosting your good karma right away, tell others about this give-away so that everyone has the chance to win! Winner will be randomly selected and announced in October.

For a sample on his work, you can check out a different book that he wrote and published online, for free.  You will be glad that you did!
Best wishes for good karma to all of us!
With Love,
To enter, click on this link: Francie Yogini

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A poor man celebrates the New Year once a year. A rich man celebrates every day. The richest man celebrates every moment. How rich are you? – Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Everything we strive to gain in life can be taken away – cars, house, jobs, money, health, loved ones. The greatest wealth we can ever attain is inner wealth, as it can never be robbed from us.  Ultimately, inner wealth squashes our suffering and gives us total freedom from within. It’s like having a boat to keep you afloat when lost at sea.  For many, it is much more than this; it is the most imperative quest in life.

Here are a few ways for us to find our inner riches and celebrate life much more this year:

  • Express gratitude daily, for everything you can (see post on 12/23/09 for tips)
  • Keep your smile. It is the most precious thing you have.
  • Relax! Do you think you are controlling this Universe? Do you think the Intelligence behind the scenes has forgotten to take care of your life? Trust in the Great Intelligence in all things and drop your worries.
  • Stop dwelling over the past and fantasizing about the future. When you do, you will recover immense energy. This allows you to give it fully to the present moment, where our power to make change lies.
  • Recognize all beings as Divine, even when the ones who irritate you. When you see all beings as angels, your life dramatically shifts. See everyone as important in teaching you. Annoying people teach you about patience, compassion, acceptance, and sometimes, about what NOT to do!

What does the New Year represent to you, and what will you resolve to do differently, or better?

Please comment! =)

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Buddha stated that happiness is not found in a set of circumstances, but is found in a set of attitude.  An easy way to find unhappiness is to grumble and complain about life.  When the mind is focusing on the positive with gratitude,  it is difficult to complain, and hence, happiness naturally flows through us.

Nature is  very kind to us. Whichever attitude we choose, complaining or celebrating, nature reflects back to us exactly what we are seeking. Our mentality is a self-fulfilling prophecy. Hence, we manifest our own destiny.


You’ll need a pen and paper, preferably from a personal journal, and a timer. Take stock of whatever you are unhappy about.  Give yourself up to ten minutes. Pour your heart out. No censuring. Just empty yourself. Fold it up and give it to God (or the Great Spirit, the Universe, or just the Fireplace). Let it go to a power bigger than yourself.

Next, write down ten things for which you are grateful. If it is difficult for you, then get specific. You’re grateful for your health? Spell out the details, as health can be found everywhere – the heart, the lungs, the brain, the mind, the hands, the toes, the five senses, etc. You’re grateful for your friends? Write down who, and why. Get it?

Do this today. When you’re done, return to this blog for another exercise to challenge the inner curmudgeon into breaking a grin.

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Nasya is a technique from the Ayurvedic tradition. Its said to nourish the consciousness and prana, or life energy. Medicated Ayurvedic oils can be carefully cultivated with special herbs, and remedy a number of health ailments, such as congestion, hoarseness, headaches, migraines, emotions, as well as eye and ear problems.

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Learn an ancient remedy for reducing colds, flu, and seasonal allergies. The Neti Pot is a technique that flushes away bacteria, viruses, pollen, dust, pollutants, and other yucky stuff that likes to hide out in your nasal membranes. Appx. 5 minutes. Enjoy!

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