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Simple tip:
The next time your bananas are speckling into an over-ripened state, try this simple trick to buy yourself a few weeks of time before using them:
  1. Peel each banana
  2. Slice bananas into coin shapes, about 1/2-inch thick
  3. Freeze in a clear container – a freezer bag or an old yogurt container will work

The next time you need a quick pick-me up or a sweet fix, blend the frozen bananas with any of the following ingredients:

  1. Frozen berries, milk or yogurt, and a little frozen juice concentrate;
  2. Peanut or almond butter, milk and cinnamon.

You can also mash the bananas before freezing. Then thaw and use easily for banana bread or other recipes calling for added sweeteners (just add a little more liquid to the recipe than is called for.)

Health tip:

Bananas are effective in helping reduce diarrhea. Banana flakes are sometimes used to bulk up loose stool.

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