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Rainier Cherries

Pretty. Sweet. Juicy.  Healthful. Extremely healthful, actually. Doesn’t it seem like Nature makes extra efforts to ensure that her many Earthly species are delivered nourishment beyond what many of us ever imagined? When it comes to pleasure, cherries are winners for packing taste and powerful nutrients into a tiny package. As if you (or anyone) needed another reason to fall in love with succulent cherries, this blog post makes the case for reasons why cherries should top your summertime food charts.

  1. Bing cherries are associated with reduced markers for heart disease in both women and men.
  2. Tart cherries contain anthocyanins that can increase insulin  production in animal models. Cyanidins, also found in cherries, have been linked to reduced weight and blood glucose.
  3. Montmorency cherries may promote sleep because they are abundant in melatonin.
  4. Black and Bing cherries contain cyanidin, which have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds. This translates into protection from gout, arthritis, and other inflammatory conditions. It also may protect your skin from ultra-violet rays and reduce artherosclerosis.
  5. Research at Michigan State University revealed that about 20 cherries per day may help ward off headaches. Another study found that tart cherry juice drunk post-weight training workout reduced muscle pain and loss of strength.
  6. Numerous studies have helped identify compounds that prevent the formation of carcinogenic substances. Most notably, tart cherries have been identified as helpful in preventing colon cancer.

Beyond including these darling fruits in your diet, the only other thing I could recommend is  to buy them fresh from your local Farmer’s Market. They will be freshly picked and rushed straight to the market, meaning that the nutrients are fresher, more potent, and more delicious. Not only that, but you will be supporting your local farmer and local economy. With nature and your local farmers taking care of you, and you taking care of your local farmer and your health, you will surely feel the satisfaction that leads one to say, “Life really is a bowl of cherries.”

Please share your cherry-riffic thoughts in the comments section below.

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