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Howdy! I am a Registered Dietitian and Therapeutic Yoga Instructor. I specialize in everything related to why we should stop eating fake food and embrace real food. I believe our survival depends on it. It involves cooking, gardening, canning, slowing down a little and savoring life. (Okay, I'm still learning how to slow down and stop compulsively over-committing myself. And apparently, I'm really bad at it, but I'll keep working.) You are more than the sum of your physical and nutritional parts, which is why I incorporate lots of mind-body practices and work with you as a whole person. You are a beautiful being and I want you to help you beam so brightly that I need shades. This can happen for anyone when good health, good living, and good company are all supporting you. I am also a meditating cowgirl from the Wyoming prairies. I discovered yoga in 1997, while recovering from puberty and whiplash, and have helped make human bodies into yogic origami by teaching yoga since 2000. Extensive training in the Art of Living, Ayurveda, Martial Arts and Thai Yoga Massage all contribute to what I offer yoga students. Your comments and questions help me know if I am spending my time on what you find meaningful. If you like this, please subscribe, share, and rate the blog posts. Stay happy and healthy! Frances Arnold

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